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Eyelashes Glue for Fast Drying Long Lasting Lashes

R407.70 to R989.69
  • Color:

in stock

  • Description

    NATUHAHA 5 pcs/lot Eyelashes Glue for Fast Drying Long Lasting Lashes Adhesive Low Smell Mink Eyelash Glue Tool Makeup Set

    Ingredient: Ethylcyanoacrylate, Hydroquinone, Poly (Methyl Methacrylate), Chamomile Extract, Carbon black.

    Note: shake for 2-3 minutes ( about 90times ) before use

    Especially used for beauty technician , don’t use it yourself !

    Recommended humidity: 55%-60%.
    Recommended room temperature: 18℃~25℃.
    Storage: put in the refrigerator.

    DIY Your Own Lashes Glue
    -Can Open Eyes For Grafting-
    (only black label glue)
    Top Tip!
    Use with Eyelash Extension Glue Primer as a helper for making glue stronger,faster glue drying time.

    How to use:

    1.Shake bottle for 60 times to properly mix before use

    2.Piercing bottle mouth with the attached needle

    3.Please use professional tools,such as tweezer,glass tray and so on

    4.This black lash adhesive is perfect for experienced technicians

    5.Use professional glue remover if you want to remove eyelashes.

    Friendly tips:

    1.The real eyelashes should be cleaned before grafting.

    2.The eyelashes should be protected well after grafting ,especially when you wash face and wash your hair .

    3.Avoid hot environment as possible .

    4.If you skin is sensitive, you need to test before using it.If your skin is allergic ,stop using it.

    5 Glue cannot touch with the eyes, pls take care when use glue

    6 Any problems please contact us to solve .



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