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Four Fingers Massager

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  • Description

    Four Fingers Massager Practical Hand Held Back Neck Full Body Spa Therapy Handheld Shiatsu Home Health Care Relax Massage Tool

    Name: frog type massager

    Material: PVC

    Applicable parts: neck, waist, buttocks, legs, back, feet, head.

    Massage: beat, massage

    Size: 9.5*9.5*9.5cm

    Packaging: 1pc


    Usage method:

    1. for local weight loss: quickly scatter fat, save time and effort, no longer let beauticians rubbing breath.

    2. for head massage: to improve hair growth, hair loss, scalp, insomnia, dreams, memory loss and dark complexion. It is very convenient to use;

    3. for foot treatment: brush the sole of the feet before hand massage. The effect of activating blood circulation is more than 20 times stronger than manual massage, and it is extremely labor-saving and unobstructed.

    4. for leg lymphatic detoxification, sculpture leg shape: Department of the best elimination of edema, elimination of leg small rash, eliminate leg dry, eliminate leg fat.

    5. for back massage, you can guess the user’s physical health according to the product’s prompt. Usage: from top to bottom, head, neck, back, waist or abdomen, back limbs, massage the left side of the body first, then massage the right side of the body.

    6. head: from frontal to hindbrain, do not need to smear lubricant, and dredge 30 parts in each part.

    7. neck: from top to bottom, so often scraping and scraping the neck, has the function of preventing and curing diseases.

    8. back: dredge from up and down;

    9. chest: the midline of the abdomen is up and down from top to bottom. The sides of the thorax are bounded by the front median line of the thorax, respectively, toward the left and right (first, left, rear, right) from the inside to outside along the ribs.

    10. abdomen: the abdomen is dredged up and down (with visceral prolapse, and should be dredged up from below).

    11. upper limb: dredge from up and down;

    12. lower limbs: from bottom to top, that is, massage in the direction of the heart.

    13. foot: massage from the heel to the foot.


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