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MSHARE No Burn Reinforce Gel Self Leveling Builder

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  • Color:

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  • Description


    1. Upgrade : No Burn, No Heat, Painess

    2. 5 seconds Alignment itself

    3. More Thicker than normal reinforce gel

    Apply the thick NO Brun reinforcement gel, before the nail gel or nail extension gel ,can be used to isolate the pain, suitable for sensitive nails, and no longer let the nail extension gel or nail gel polish to burn your nails

    Reinforcement Gel Features

    🌟Enhanced Nail Thickness
    ● Protect Nail, Prevent Cracking
    ● Fill in uneven nail surface, ,make nail surface is smooth and plump
    ● Reinfoece nail plasticity

    🌟Self Leveling
    ● Keep Nail C Arc
    ● Build the Apex and Structure

    🌟Muiltifunctional Usage
    ● Mixing Solid Gel ,used as Blend Gel,solid colors will become translucent,Gradient nature effect

    How to use reinforcement gel to Build the APEX and STRUCTURE

    1.Applying base coat,cure with nail dryer
    2.Applying reinforcement gel,cure with nail dryer
    3.Applying color gel ,cure with nail dryer
    4.Applying top coat ,cure with nail dryer

    Using the UV lamp 2mins or LED lamp 30seconds

    3 method for use of Reinforce Gel

    Apply the reinforcement gel, after applying the base coat- for protecting the nail bed, increase the Hardness and Fullness of the nail

    Apply the reinforcement gel, after applying the color coat. For Protecting the luster of color gel, Let the nail art keep last longer

    Apply the reinforcement gel, before the top coat, Double protection, nails are harder and more shiny

    Base Coat Nail Polish FAQ

    What is a base coat?
    A base coat is a clear polish that is painted onto nails before any color polish is added. They come in two varieties: plain and ridge-filler.

    What does base coat nail polish do?
    A base coat helps the polish stick to the nail more easily; creates a barrier that protects nails from the damaging effects of the polish; prevents staining and peeling; and gives nails a more even texture. A base coat ultimately extends the life of your manicure.

    Are top coat and base coat the same?
    Top coats and base coats are completely different formulations. After all, they’re meant to do two different things. Base coats act as an adhesive or “primer” while top coats create shine, a hard surface and scratch resistance.

    Should base coat be dry before applying nail polish?
    Yes, a base coat needs to be fully dry before applying nail polish. Luckily, it dries in about two minutes, so you don’t have to wait very long before proceeding.








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