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StrongBeauty Long Curly Red Synthetic Wig

R454.35 R516.50
  • Color:

  • Stretched Length:

in stock

  • Description

    Long Curly Red Full Synthetic Wig Cosplay Wigs COLOUR CHOICES. Great Costume/Party Wig

     CORLOR: #1

    E-9307 1, (1)E-9307 1 (6)E-9307 1 (7)E-9307 1 (9)E-9307 2 (1)

    CORLOR: #2

    E-9307 2E-9307 2 (3)E-9307 2 (4)E-9307 2 (7)

    CORLOR: #4

    E-9307 4_E-9307 4 (4)

    E-9307 4 (1)E-9307 4 (2)E-9307 4 (3)

    CORLOR: #6

    e-9307 6.E-9307 6,E-9307 6..e-9307 6

    CORLOR: #8

    E-9307 8 (2)E-9307 8 (3)E-9307 8E-9307 8 (5)

    CORLOR: #137

    E-9307 137 (2)E-9307 137. (2)E-9307 137E-9307 137 (5)E-9307 137 (3)

    CORLOR: #130A

    E-9307 130A,E-9307 130A ,.E-9307 130A.E-9307 130A

    CORLOR: #613

    E-9307 613 (4)E-9307 613 (3)E-9307 613 (5)E-9307 613 (6)

    CORLOR: #AB102

    E-9307 AB102 (3)E-9307 AB102 (6)E-9307 AB102 (4)E-9307 AB102 (5)

    1how to wear hairnet2how to wear the wigs3how to cleaning4How to storage5how to nurse

    warm tips:

    1.Some customers reflect the hair of this wigs will fall off . When you receive the wigs ,please firstly wear it on the model ,then use you comb to comb it light ,then it will not fall off after you use .
    2.When you use a comb,please comb the hair from the end of the hair to the top of the wigs gradually. Please do not comb hair from the top to the end roughly otherwise, it will destroy its styles.
    3.For the wigs, we already do it as close as the picture. If you are critical with it ,then be considered to buy .It is the most effective wigs .
    Condition: All wigs are brand new and never been worn.
    Features :
    1.All wigs are hand made by professional skill workers!
    2.There is a lightest netting cap which is able to adjust most people`s  head size and also can have fully ventilation for daily wear.
    3.Comfortable for daily wear; No damage to your own hairs!
    4.The inner can be adjusted  Washing Method:
    1.Wash in cold or lukewarm water.
    2.Add dash of Shampoo and wash gently.
    3.Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
    4.Do not Brush When Wet Allow wig to drip dry
    5.Brush wig into desired style till it is completely dry.
    6.Do not use curling irons, blow dryers, or hot styling instruments

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